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Trezari is a California based Lab testing company that focuses in all areas of Cannabis.  Compliance to State Regulations effective July 1, 2018

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Trezari is a Lab Testing company that focuses in the government compliance of cannabis for the State of California. That with the combination of well rounded, dynamic individuals that have an array of backgrounds, making up the best possible Cannabis Analytical Lab company, soon to be nationwide. 

We are focused on the betterment and advancement of the cannabis industry through our passion and expertise in research & development, the laboratory sciences, quality & regulatory compliance, and overall technical competence. Our mission is to add value and transparency to cannabis production and protect consumers as the best Analytics Lab, representing quality, integrity, and excellence. 

Trezari’s founders have grown companies to 400 locations and have experts from the cannabis, lab testing, and compliance industries, to help grow Trezari to be the largest Cannabis Lab company in the country.



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7300 Medical Center Drive

West Hills, CA 91307

Tel: 801-604-7500

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Monday – Friday  9AM – 5PM   Pacific Time

Saturday    9AM – 5PM  Pacific Time


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